What is better: to book through hotel website, to pay on reception or to book through Glanzu?

Price policy of most hotels is as follows:

1. The highest cost - rack rate - booking on reception. You go to a hotel and you need a room urgently. In case there are available rooms - you get it at the highest price.

2. Average cost - internet rate - booking through website of a hotel. You find an original website of a hotel and book a room there. Website price is lower than a rack rate.

3. Low cost - booking a hotel through booking system

- Why?
Because hotels work with tour operators on a contract basis and contract price is 30-60% lower than a rack rate and internet rate published by a hotel.

- Why?
It's beneficial for the hotel to work with tour operators, as these are local companies guaranteeing payment and number of customers.

To come to a hotel and to book room on spot?

You run the risk, because hotel may not have available rooms on that moment. The better a hotel for a price-quality ratio, the less chance to book rooms on spot. In addition, the price will not only be more expensive than tour operator price, but also more expensive than hotel's Internet price.

To book directly through hotel's website?

Definitely not profitable, you can buy same offers online, but cheaper

To visit a hotel and, if I like it, just book through online?

Possible option, but you may face some difficulties
1. Lack of rooms in a hotel
2. Lack of a fast reservation system - as a result confirmation will take at least an hour
3. If you don't have a credit card or e-money you need to go to local bank branch 

4. Local weekends - in this case not only all hotel offices are not working, but it also may be extremely difficult or even impossible to find available rooms in any hotel

To book through Glanzu

The best option. You will have a guarantee of accommodation and the lowest price for rooms of a same type

Make your booking in advance and right now at Glanzu

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