What documents will I receive for confirmation of my booking?


1. Invoice, which confirms booked services

Invoice is a financial document summarizing all bookings in order and specifying any changes in a price (discounts, etc.).

2. Vouchers

Voucher is a document for each ordered service, containing all the necessary information and, possibly, links to additional documents.

When will I receive documents?

- After receiving your order we send a request for a booking. Time for confirmation takes from a few minutes to two days. An average of 1-2 working hours.
- Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive an invoice with a list of services, their cost and a due date to pay 
- You should to pay before due date
- After receiving of your payment we issue vouchers (document for accommodation in a hotel or for other services) and send them to you
- All documents are sent by e-mail, as well as placed in personal account
- Paper documents are not issued, because a printed electronic document is already an original with a stamp and a sign and is enough to pay or check-in at a hotel.

How do we get air tickets?

All air tickets in Thailand and other countries are now electronic. You will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail first containing a link to ticket system. Following a link you will see your booking and electronic tickets. You do not receive ordinary paper tickets, but only a copy of your reservation with a link.

Same link will be shown in your voucher. With these copy and a passport you will be able to receive boarding passes at check-in counter.

For what services are vouchers issued?

Vouchers are issued for all services excepting train tickets for which original tickets are needed. For air tickets just print a copy of e-ticket from a link mentioned in a voucher.

How do we get tickets for a ferry, bus or train?

Bus and ferry tickets are not issued - all you need is a voucher which you must show at departure point (arrive to a point in advance, an hour before departure).

All vouchers are issued by email, excepting train tickets that are delivered by a courier to your hotel in Bangkok (if you don't stay at a hotel at a beginning of your trip, you will have to purchase a transfer from airport to city center (hotel / station) and our guide will give you tickets on a way).

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