How fast do you process booking or how soon will I get answer / invoice / voucher?

How fast do you answer customer questions? 

If you write your questions by e-mail, time for respond takes from a few minutes to 96 hours on working days.
Manager of a specific order responds to a customer within a few hours, but at night or on weekends there may be delays. Remember, a manager is a real live person and alone responsible for your order.

Questions about specific orders should be sent to your manager by e-mail.

We made a booking. How soon will you process it?

Average time for processing of a booking is a couple of hours. After receiving of your booking it will be sent to hotels / tour providers. We need around 10-15 minutes for confirmation. 

We paid for invoice. When will you release our vouchers?

After receiving of your payment we send you vouchers immediately. Vouchers are issued automatically for services with instant confirmation. Issuing of vouchers for services that require manual processing takes several hours during weekdays.

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